Improve Your Business Outlook For Future Means More Deals Closing More Revenue!!

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Many real estate agents provided exceptional service in the past by dedicating time and making efforts resulting in successful deals. Sadly, there was no certificate of achievement, no medal or any kind of written proof of their performance. Well these times are now over.

We have integrated your web & social media together so you definitely WIN more reviews, respects and reputation so this means you close more deals and generate more revenue.

These reviews allow collecting valuable client feedback and testimonials. The agents get the detailed insight they need to ensure consistent, long-term success. These ratings and reviews are constantly updated, saving their time and ensuring that their testimonials are always current.


Hundred Alpha came with a great solution of managing a real estate agency online using a web based portal. But something was missing. This missing element was a marketing channel. The solution comes in the form of, a property listing website by Hundred Alpha. On the agencies using Hundred Alpha can showcase their properties, list the details, describe the neighbourhood and provide contact information. All this happens automatically. is integrated with Hundred Alpha, a property added to the agent’s portfolio is automatically added to Plus, there are no extra charges. This is great, isn’t it?

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